A Celebrated Douche

Celebrated douche, John Edwards, made an appearance on the Dr. Oz show. He appeared in all his douchey glory and even cautioned that visiting a medium such as himself should be a lower priority than getting counselling for grief. How magnanimous of his doucheyness. Perhaps this concession made John Edwards palatable to Dr. Oz.

The tipping point for Dr. Oz allowing Edwards on the show, I think, was given in the stat he threw out. 74% of people believe in life after death. Perhaps that got Oz to thinking he could gain more market share in the daytime doctor game by appealing to the majority. I personally doubt that 74% of people believe in the lies John Edwards spreads. I doubt it’s even over 50%. His douchery has been exposed quite well on South Park.

If you’ve never seen John Edwards‘ act, here’s a clip of him on YouTube. As you will notice, the things he says he’s “hearing” aren’t that common. But when you do this act in front of 100 people, someone’s going to know a deceased loved one that his guesses fit. Notice he gets a no for half of his guesses. The idea is to leave on a yes. “I’m getting an “R”. Statistically he should get 4 yeses and maybe even more if you consider each audience member probably knows more than one deceased person. You can probably reason out the rest of the tricks performed by his doucheyness.

So if you want to catch a doctor show, might I suggest The Doctors. Dr. Oz isn’t just considering providing a stage for total flakiness, he’s outright embracing it. The pressure of competing against not just one, but four doctors has finally gotten to him.

So let’s hope that his royal doucheness, John Edwards doesn’t influence Dr. Oz unduly. Or else we’ll have two douches with a platform. Here’s hoping Oz remains just skeptical enough to keep doucheness out of his higher thought processes. And if anyone out there is still regarding John Edwards in a positive light, might I recommend seeing the South Park episode concerning this.

Update: I am really talking about John Edward. Note to self, when the first name is as common as John, be extra careful on the last name. I hope the profession of medium clued in most people.

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