Is it Moral to Name Your Child for the Sake of a Comedy Bit

A: Mo or Les, which is the better name?

B: Which?

A: The supernatural has nothing to do with it. Mo or Les which is the better name?

B: Who? What?

A: This isn’t some Abbot and Costello sketch. Mo or Les which is the better name?

B:Oh! You mean Morris or Lester, don’t you?

A: They do sound kind of good together. Maybe I’ll name my kid both names.

B: Morris Lester. Sorry. I didn’t realize you were having fun with the short forms.

A: Like Morris Les.

B: And Les is more – iss. I get what you’re doing.

A: And Mo Lester.

The seed of this was from a conversation with my niece (She’s an adult!). Never name your son Morris Lester. As for Morris Lester for a daughter…

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