Pseudo Accents II

The reason I’m enthralled with pseudo accents is that I write science fiction. Of course aliens are likely to have accents to our ears, even if their mouths and voice boxes are identical to ours. And most likely these accents are going to be even stranger than human accents.

So the last post was an effort on my part to shake things up and jar my thinking so possibly I could come up with a new alien accent. But so far I’ve just thought that perhaps a human could say about an alien accent that it was kind of “Elmer Fuddian”.

But quite awhile ago, I did come up with an alien accent that a human can do, too. My inspiration was the rolled “r” that occurs in many non-English, European languages. The rolling is a sound that is concurrent with the “r”.

So that got me thinking and playing with what I could say. Eventually I came up with a clicked “n”. Next came the flatulated (yes I made the word up) “p” , the flatulated part I hope gets you thinking about gassy emanations, but really it’s more the sound a horse makes with it’s mouth that’s not whinnying. Still later I came up with a smacked “m”, that’s smack as in a kiss.

I threw all three together and placed them in a short story featuring an alien Nickpon with this accent. That story remains unsold so here I am today letting you see, dear reader and maybe some stage or screen production hears of it and makes me an offer. Perhaps they will want that extra verisimilitude for their piece. Or perhaps they just want to torture their actors. In the clips below, it was very hard for me to pull off the accents and I invented it.

Male homophobes wouldn’t like to do my accent because of the smacked “m”. I doubt they’ll like making kissing sounds every time they say man or male.

Now I should also mention that the three concurrent sounds can’t be used for a “p”, “m”, or “n” at the end of a syllable. Unfortunately, I can’t do these sounds without adding a syllable for end letters. If you can do it without the extra syllable, you have mastered it better than me. Also the “sp”, “sm” and “sn” blends are also very difficult to do so I didn’t include them in the examples below.

The smacked M

The Flatulated P

The Clicked N

The Full Nickpon Accent

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  1. Larry says:

    Thanks for finding this and also alerting me that wiktionary exists.

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