E’en Ste’en

^^How’s that for a poetic title? Of course Ste’en is the poetic contraction for Stephen, as in Stephen Harper – prime minister of Canada (I know – not a very poetic topic). Alright, I admit it, I forced the title. Just because I came up with it and thought it was cute.

Our first topic about Stephen is really about other people. In earlier posts I mentioned that some racist jokes can be changed to be about the leader. As in “ What’s the difference between Stephen Harper and a bucket of excrement?” The answer of course being “The bucket.” Or it was said in another post, to voice the ultimate insult say “You’re such a Stephen Harper!” Make sure to use a derisive tone of voice because Canadian conservatives might not think this is an insult. And finally I “rescued” a blonde joke by asking “How did Stephen Harper’s staff know he tried to fix a mistake on the computer?” “They found white out on the screen.”

Despite my use of Stephen Harper over and over again, just remember that other leaders could be similarly insulted. Don’t forget CEOs. For instance former Tim Horton’s CEO Don Schroeder got a severance package of about 6 million dollars. While the vast majority of Tim Horton staff make minimum wage. For a 40 hour work week over a year, that’s about $20 000. Deride Mr. Schroeder for making 300 times the average employee’s wage at one fell swoop.

Do I need to tell you to make other leaders the butt of jokes and insults? What about your boss? Your union leader? Your school council? Your teacher? The head of your department? The list goes on and on. Just make sure you don’t get fired or expelled while doing so.

And I am especially remiss in not suggesting the Queen as the butt of jokes. Being the titular head of Canada she needs some jokes at her expense. Jokes might bring her down to earth and have Canadians realize the complete uselessness of this level of government. Maybe we would once and for all shed the monarchy.

Then I could stick my tongue out at my American cousins and say “Nyeah, nyeah, we did it without a war.”

But back to Stephen. Some of you may remember my post here where I in effect said that Stephen Harper would not win a majority government because visually he does not look like a walking, talking caricature like the last three majority government winners of Canada (Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and Jean Chretien). This was too simplistic a view and obviously I was wrong since Harper won his majority government.

Finally I had a breakthrough last week when I passed the statue of William Lyon Mackenzie King in front of the high school of KCI in this, the city of Kitchener. Mackenzie King was normal looking, too, and yet he is the longest serving prime minister with many majority governments. It’s his character that seems like a caricature of a Liberal. He was a popular flake. His popularity is evidenced by his many governments. His flakiness is evidenced by his penchant to hold seances.

Then it hit me. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a caricature of a Conservative. He is such a corporate stooge that his government tabled legislation to make the striking postal workers go back to work at a pay that was less than what Canada Post had offered. “I’ll take that corporate agenda and add union busting for fun,” Harper might as well of said.

So Harper has proved that he’s a human caricature. It’s just that it is his character that is the caricature.

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