The Herd Mentality of Baby Boomers

How many baby boomers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A herd.

Why did the baby boomer cross the road?

Because another baby boomer did.

What do you call a lone baby boomer?


I can feel the collective cringing of all marketers everywhere. ‘Don’t make fun of the baby boomers, they’re the most powerful group in the world.’

But baby boomers don’t outnumber everyone else. Combined, everyone else outnumbers the baby boomers. I refuse to be intimidated.

Besides, what are the baby boomers going to do? Not buy any more of my free posts? Soon they’ll all have walkers and canes, what are they going to do, march on Washington?

Maybe they’ll march on me. March on my city of Kitchener. Then do you know what will happen? There’ll be so many baby boomers (seriously, do they have one mind?) that resources in my city and area will be stretched an incredible amount. Suddenly a Toronto size city would be here – a leech on all of Kitchener’s resources. It’ll be a logistical nightmare.

Which gets to my point. I think baby boomers should be renamed the less flattering ‘logistical nightmare’. That’s what they’ve been their whole lives. From the extra room in nurseries when they first began, to portables in all the schools they attended, to an unbridled killing herd at a Who concert, to having everyone cater to them as adults (remember the show ’30 something’?) to the new expansions at retirement homes and eventually at nursing homes, the baby boomers have been one logistical nightmare after another.

Their brag for many years has been they really changed the world. Not all generations have been so arrogant. Previous generations just called big changes ‘progress’.

I’m sick, sick, sick of all the media attention the baby boomer generation gets. So here I am today frustrated, and maybe some of you think I’m spitting into the wind. But if I hit even a small fraction of the herd of the baby boomer – make that logistical nightmares – I’ll be happy. As far as I know no one has even tried to push back against the herd mentality of these logistical nightmares. Well that ends today. I hope my lame jokes spread. Remember, you unsure marketers, everyone else outnumbers the baby boomers.

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4 Responses to The Herd Mentality of Baby Boomers

  1. Classic, Larry. Or “Classic Larry” … this one is the stuff of legend. Keep on writing, bro!

    Just when I thought I was laughed out I read your tag “marketers are wimps” 😀

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  3. Bettina says:

    Yes. Thank you sooo much for posting this. When I look at tv all I see is babyboomers every where. It’s almost like young people don’t count. And the networks are owned and run by babyboomers. I really want to start a tv network for generation y or millenials. And absolutelye NO ONE older than me (29) will be hired. This network will have shows aimed towards millenials and will be run by millenials. This will be the best network ever. It’s goin to be called…well that’s a secret. But it’s coming. And no babyboomers allowed! Millenials Rule!

  4. Bettina says:

    Absolutely no one….I got excited.

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