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Did you hear about the latest tooth fashion from Japan? Fashion consumers are paying to make their teeth crooked. You read correctly all you poor parents going into hock to make your children’s teeth straight. And you teenagers and teenyboppers that are spending years forced to wear braces. Maybe in a few more years brace wearers might follow this trend.

Here is the story. It is actually a sort of double tooth cap for your canines. It’s supposed to give a childlike appearance (I’m not sure what is childlike about it except for adults usually have had their teeth straightened if they had crooked teeth as a child). So it’s not just an any-crooked-teeth-are-now- considered-to-be-good deal.

But I choose to see it that way because I have crooked teeth. The most prominent problem with my teeth is a gap between the two front ones. And if you women think I’m more sexy because of it, well I wouldn’t mind that.

Indeed, maybe there are no problems with my looks. Maybe it all just needs to be spun the proper way.

Blonde streaks in darker hair are common nowadays in our culture. And, indeed Arlene Dickinson, the investor and celebrity from the Canadian TV show Dragon’s Den (the American version is called Shark Tank) has sported a strip of grey in her long hair for as long as I’ve known who she is. She is also quite stylish so this strip does not seem to me to be an accident. She either naturally has the strip and thinks it’s good enough for her public face or deliberately dyes her hair to show this streak. Either way, I can spin my natural greys as being stylish.

Another feature that I had previously thought to be detrimental is my big belly. But again, listening to some fashionable, heavier women, I see they are spinning that as being “full figured”. Now, saying that I’m full figured would bring odd looks as I’m male. But I could say that I’m a large man. Or maybe a bear of a man.

Tell teenagers about putting this spin on one’s appearance. Maybe they will have less angst. Maybe they won’t be so concerned with their appearance. Maybe they won’t become depressed or develop eating disorders. Well we can wish.

And looking at the three features I’ve spun for myself? Wow, I’m a catch.

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