More Impressive Being Save the Princess

The royalty of the UK (plus some of the Commonwealth) have changed the rules of succession this year. No longer will the heir to the throne be most likely a man. William and Kate’s eldest child, girl or boy, will be next in line to the throne after William. Since the rules of the monarchy are changing, I ask why stop there?

Critics of our society say we are too youth obsessed. I say that we aren’t youth obsessed enough.

Fine, age brings wisdom to some individuals. So perhaps we should let Liz rule over her part of the Commonwealth. The wisdom her years have brought her probably make her the best ruler in the family of the monarchy.

But her mother lived to the ripe old age of 101 and Liz looks like she’s going to outlive even that age. Do we really want to see a 105 year old visage on our currency and on some stamps? I say we must pretty up the currency and stamps of the state by using the youngest, in line Royal’s visage from the age of 18 until their child reaches that same age.

We all know economics is mostly hand waving and luck. Let’s make our currency and stamps more wanted by having better visages of royals. Perhaps this blatant marketing of the young monarchy will make Commonwealth countries economic powerhouses. Collectors will also appreciate this change.

And instead of singing God Save the Queen/King, children can learn to sing God Save the Prince/Princess. I know it will be a struggle to sing the two syllable word ‘princess’ but we can relearn.

And while we’re at it, why must we bring God into it? Much of the Commonwealth doesn’t believe. You can see my substitution by my title: More Impressive Being Save the Princess. Perhaps we’ll have to write a new song to accommodate all those extra syllables.

But look at how basic that title is. In much fiction, the hero overcomes great obstacles and is thus a ‘more impressive being’. And if they save the princess this mirrors a huge chunk of fiction. It’s that primal. Think of the marketing.

Maybe we should always keep the monarchy – if only for the marketing. But the royals have to shape up and listen to these ideas. We must refine the royals into the best marketing machine available. Then we can sell them to the world.

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