Meet the New NRA: Militant Socialists

The NRA has a new idea that was brainstormed last week following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. You’ve undoubtedly heard their call for MORE guns. More specifically they want an armed guard in every school. This will, according to them, discourage school shootings.

Now, if each school only has one armed guard, how are those guards going to break for lunch? Many schools are twisty and turny – a shooter might start on the opposite side of the school that the guard is on and end up with just as many victims as Newtown. So I suspect that one armed guard is just the NRA’s method of getting a foot in the door. Really they almost certainly would want pairs.

And with the socialist point in the title, I can hear the taxpayer screaming “Where is the money going to come from?!” It will of course be up to the government to do this. And that is thinly veiled socialism. The only way it wouldn’t be socialism would be if the armed guards protected some kids and not the others. And that, of course is just immoral.

And the guards can’t be given a simple minimum wage. They have guns, after all. And it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to research and profile each guard. You know, so we don’t put the armed killer in the school and pay him. This is going to cost money, folks. Lots and lots of money.

Or else it just becomes security theatre like in the airports.

And the word kidnapping has kid right in the word. If the guards are going to be protecting kids of rich parents they might decide to take a couple steps across the good/evil line and make at least some parents pay them well.

This is not going to be a popular idea, NRA. Even if your tripe is widely accepted that more guns can decrease school shootings.

Socialism has been a bad word in American politics for some years. So since it fits in describing your latest plan NRA, I hope it sticks to you, a group of obvious socialists.

Then maybe we can get some ridiculous weaponry off the streets.

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