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It’s the end of 2012 so let me share a couple of stats with you. I’ve received over 80 000 unique visitors in the three years I’ve had this blog. And in the last year I’ve contributed a 100 new posts for the blogosphere or 300 posts in total.

It’s boxing week and as those long time followers of this blog know, it’s time to list the favourite columns I have posted over the year. To make this list really easy to construct, I am simply going to choose my favourite post from each month of the year.

In January, the biggest story was the SOPA/PIPA political land grab. Some of this nonsense got defeated but I posted The Ligh-yer Based Professions and the Unending Copyright Wars. My Lawrence-Lawyer-Lighyer-Liar progression was the only levity in this piece.

Making Sense Out of Cell Replenishment is one of the better scientific articles of the year. And it has the popular culture take on some of this. In March I revealed Foiled by a Simple Law, an unsuccessful caper with a friend during my university career.

April saw a couple stories where I try to jump on the flaws in superhero stories. Green Lantern’s ring is invincible once he discover he can doppler shift any yellow enemies. The only way this could fail would be if Green Lantern is stupid. Welcome to Someone Forgot His Oath This Morning.

The Canadian Conservative party brought on Matchmaking Top Conservatives With Jobs all by themselves. They used spin so I reused that spin and pointed it back at them. The Story of the Lost Hijja is a story for our times. Let me repeat, our climate scientists are centrists, not extremists.

The Roman End of Years was my post showing that there is always an excuse for an end of the world scare. This one is on January 22, 3247. This post wasn’t nearly as simple to make as I had hoped it was. Indeed I had to do so much fiddling that it was the hardest post of the year.

I don’t know why I was on such a kick with vampires. This year I managed 4 posts. The Case for Vampires Staking Vampires was the best of these. September’s Show Swaps is still getting interest four months later. The title of Free Fall Vomit might stop the weak stomached people from even pressing the link.

I didn’t post much in November because I was doing NaNoWriMo. But I liked Mice Can Sing because I really didn’t know they could. And Stephen Harper Gets Cartoond rounds out the year with a visual piece.

I’ll be back with completely new posts in the new year.

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