Gonna Get Someone to Ghost Write My Autobiography

I may not be important enough to get anyone to write a biography on me yet, let alone have people clamouring for my autobiography. The most direct route will be if this blog makes me a billionaire for bellyaching about my pet peeves. Failing that very likely scenario, I also write science fiction. The cost of being successful at these endeavours might very well be those biographies and maybe even an autobiography.

As I already told you in the title, I intend to hire a ghost writer to write down my life from my perspective. Why would I go this route? Well if people are clamouring for my autobiography, then I am already successful. I’ll probably lack the motivation to write, unless it has something to do with the bizarre story ideas I have. If I were made to make my autobiography because of the clamouring, it would seem too much like work and sap my enjoyment.

Besides, hiring a ghost writer helps someone else’s economic situation, too. I’ll already be successful, so there’ll be no point in helping me. This will make one more job for a fellow writer.

As well, I have exactly no experience in writing an autobiography. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. I don’t even keep a lowly journal.

Isaac Asimov would be ideal to ghost write my autobiography. After all he wrote no less than three of his own autobiographies. That experience would be wonderful.

But since Asimov has left this plane, I’m thinking there are bound to be ghost writers with at least that much experience. I can’t be the first one willing to have an autobiography done this way.

And when I get that ghost writer, I promise to be reticent, fanciful and full of fabrications. If a ghost writer expects to make money off my autobiography, s/he is going to have to work at it. Pretty soon they will outlaw me as an unreliable narrator.

Perhaps my autobiography will be found in the fiction section.

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  1. Who could possibly be a better ghost writer than Asimov? Being a ghost and all 🙂

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