The Gift We Can Give Our Children

There is a very common theme in spiritual/self-help/improved-lifestyle paradigms. I think it can be best summed up by the following wise saying. “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Gurus are trying to get us to live more in the present. And not the future or past. This is such an important piece of advice that I think we should alert our children to it. And we should also enforce it. Any time we find our children utilizing the past or future at all they should be redirected.

The first big thing that will have to be destroyed in our children’s lives will have to be school. That unethical institution actually prepares our young ones for the future.

When we take our kids out of school remember they can’t be home schooled as a remedy. That also prepares them for the future. We would just be moving the problem to a different area.

And we can’t just let our children dream willy nilly. Often times they are just dreaming about the future then, too. So don’t ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Of course they will never buy lottery tickets. Even mentioning lottery tickets can bring about that future game where they think of all they could buy with the winnings.

Entrepreneurship is out. The end goal of any such maneuvering is like winning the lottery. All those present worshiping book writers should never have made their work available on any free market. The money they make off these is all for the future. They might charm some critics with the “just making ends meet” excuse, but I clearly see it as totally ignoring their own advice.

As well, those present worshiping writers almost always draw on their experiences from the past to fill the whole book up. Don’t fall for this. Experience is every bit as bad as preparing for the future.

Our children will have to stop drawing on their own experiences, too, because that is also not living in the present. They’ll have to revert to diapers so they never draw on the learned experience of toilet training.

And words. Oh so many words that they have learned. They will all have to go unheeded and unused. Instead of words, get your little one to scat. But not with rhythm. And most definitely not in song.

And in a hundred years if all parents follow my advice to the letter, we will have all died out. And that kids, is how you truly live in the present.

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