Bible Literalist Opens Door Wide to Many Evolutions

I don’t know why but a few weeks ago I flicked on a bible literalist show and saw a man rationalizing Noah’s Ark as presented in the bible.

Perhaps burned many times by the assertions of others that millions of species of animals simply wouldn’t fit on any boat we can make today let alone in Noah’s time, he went on to say that most animals come in “likes”. He specifically said that a horse is like a zebra or a donkey. The viewer is left to assume only one of these species is necessary to put on Noah’s Ark. The horse presumably led to a donkey and zebra in the time since Noah’s Ark.

Time and changes are 2 big foundations of evolution. The only thing this literalist left out was the mechanism of sexual selection. Notice he didn’t preclude it. So it is my belief that even bible literalists support some form of evolution. Notice that there would have to be many, many evolutions for the original animals to fit on the Ark.

And since I saw this show I am stunned by one big possibility. Humans, apes, monkeys, gorillas, etc. are all likes. The most efficient way to bring all these creatures onto the Ark would be to represent them all by Noah and his family.

Presumably breeding in Noah’s family led to apes, monkeys, gorillas and more. You know how creationists mock evolution for saying we are descended from apes? Well it would appear that some bible literalists say that monkeys and other lower primates are descended from man.

I’ve never had a visual for Noah. But I now suspect that he and his family members had exceedingly hairy backs.

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