Garbage Out

While the news agencies are actually behaving themselves the rest of the year by doing actual reporting, this blog (which adds twists to that news much of the time) is productive. But during boxing week when the news consists of end of the year lists this site holds its own end of the year list which we are proud to do again.

Remember Garbage In leads to Garbage Out. And that’s the only excuse I need.

In January we investigated the ‘science’ behind blue bloods and inbreeding.

In March I suggested a cursive code that could be used by adults if children stop learning how to write in cursive. I didn’t come to this suggestion blindly. More than one academic setting has suggested dropping cursive so the children can learn other things.

In May we discovered that cats are conservative and it was also self evident that dogs were socialist. Who knew our pets had these hidden agendas?

July is a month that is so warm it is suggested people wear white. But you can’t wear white all the time or you might create a bridezilla.

September saw the post ) @ ^^ ^, I’m Good utilize symbols to spell swear words.

And finally November saw me suggest that with inflation and getting rid of currency that is too small will eventually lead to it being impossible to pay $666 for something. Or being paid $666. ) @ ^^ ^! Now I want to hire a fundamentalist Christian and pay them that exact amount. While I still can.

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