Symbol Dysmorphia and Scotsmen

Imagine you are a Scotsman, fresh from eating haggis, drinking large quantities of beer, and competing in the caber toss at the local Highland Games, and you have to go to the washroom something fierce.

In an effort not to soil your kilt, you run to the washrooms and they have those supposedly universal symbols of simple human figure and a human figure in a kilt. Ever the patriotic Scotsman, you decide to go in the washroom marked with a human figure in a kilt.

I know what some of you are going to say – the human figure is in a high waisted dress so it must be a woman and not a Scotsman in a kilt. Well what’s to stop designers from making high waisted kilts? As well, the vast majority of women wear low waisted skirts or low waisted dresses and the high waisted dress is supposed to represent all of them.

I know that even more of you might complain because a man shouldn’t be let into a woman’s washroom. But more and more women are allowing transgendered people into their washrooms. And no I am not saying that a man is the same as a transgendered person. I think they are equal in this case because of what they might do in the women’s washroom.

A Scotsman who really has to pee is going to go straight to the first empty stall. Now habit is habit and he might pee standing up.

I have looked at and memorized pronouns for the trangendered from this page on the web. Pronouns for the transgendered are under debate. I refuse to use the “They” pronouns of English because all of these are, of course, plural. I chose the highest ranked set of pronouns on this page because this was the only site I found that rated some of them rationally.

The transgendered person is also going to go for the first empty stall. Habit is habit and ne might pee standing up. Nir male genitals might still be there so hopefully no mess is made.

I think the main complaint of the washroom police is what the Scotsman might do after his business is done. A quick peek under the stall or standing on the toilet and leaning over might give him an all too personal view of a woman in a neighbouring stall. After all he is probably a heterosexual and many heterosexuals like to view the opposite sex’s privates.

The transgendered person who prefers a woman’s washroom wants to be like a female. Ne doesn’t have to prefer men as a sex partner. Ne might also want to see a strange woman’s genitals. And if Ne is pre-operation, Ne might wish to view as many woman’s privates to select what is best for nemself.

Another fear that women may have about the Scotsman is that he may overpower them for his own selfish wants. Usually men are stronger than women.

For the transgendered story, let’s look at Caitlyn Jenner. Ne was once an Olympic caliber athlete as a man. Odds are ne is stronger than the average man. Hir selfish wants could be imposed on a woman just as easily as the Scotsman could.

Since the Scotsman might suffer from symbol dysmorphia as the woman’s symbol seems to represent him in a better way to the world, his psychological reasons for using the women’s washroom might be as strong as the transgendered person.

But one thing could change the fight for equal rights for Scotsmen in kilts. Some Scotsmen could bring in a set of bagpipes and begin playing them. This is inhumane treatment of others and now you can see why I as a male don’t want Scotsmen using my washroom. I think that there must be a third option. Scotsmen in kilts should have their very own washrooms, especially if they wish to bring bagpipes inside. Women in skirts and low waisted dresses might think the washroom is for them, but hearing bagpipes at such close quarters will discourage them from ever in their lives going to a Scotsman’s washroom.

And that is why we need three sets of washrooms everywhere but most especially near Highland Games events.

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