Felix the Cat “Rewarded” in Britain

Felix has kept the Huddersfield train station in West Yorkshire mouse and rat free since 2011. So the staff at said station has now “promoted” Felix to Senior Pest Controller. To go with the promotion, she was given a name badge and a high vis jacket.

I must congratulate the mice and rats on raising enough money to pay for the high vis suit. And the idea to call it high vis instead of high visibility, to let it get over the heads of all the humans that work at the station, was pure genius. Now all the mice and rats will be able to see Felix long before she’s close enough to catch them.

I have heard of mice elsewhere who came up with the genius plan to bell a cat so they could hear it long before it was near. Now all they have to do is send it as a package in the mail to the human owners of the cat with a nice note saying that the cat is so great it deserves the bell and all the attention it will get because of the noise.

Mice everywhere are thinking about what might be a real revolution. Noisy and highly visible cats are just around the corner.

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