Many More Ways for the Same Old Lists to be Everywhere on the Internet

If you are like me you are annoyed that every list or ranking of things gets linked to by just about every site on the Internet. You don’t see just one link bait for the same list article but at least 5 link baits. I thought that this on its own was annoying enough.

But here I’ve found an article about a list that only discusses the bottom ten entries in the list. It does link to the full list but the article is only about “The Worst Cities to Try to Find a Job in Canada”. It has probably opened the floodgates if they hadn’t been opened before. I firmly believe that there is an article about “The Best Cities to Try to Find a Job in Canada”. I haven’t seen it yet but I am familiar with the goings on of the Internet. It exists.

So now we’re going to find articles about both the bottom ten rankings and the top ten rankings of any list. But why stop there?

Perhaps you could have an article about “The Mediocre Cities in Canada to Find a Job. Such a heading might not encourage people to read it and be good link bait. But link bait is rarely honest. You could have an article called Finding Jobs in Canadian Cities in the Teens. This article could be about finding jobs in Canadian cities during this decade. But it would really be about those cities that ranked 10 to 19 on that original list. This link bait might actually work.

You know, in the heady early days of the Internet I thought there were going to be many more news stories. Or at least different points of view. But that is not the case at any of the big sites. They race to cover or link to the same things. I guess I should traipse through more blogs to uncover different perspectives and perhaps a different kind of news.

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