Lucky Charms

Be honest. Most people play with their food just a little. Whether it is a little bit of plowing the fields with your fork before applying gravy to mashed potatoes or it’s making a foam design on your coffee, others play with their food, too.

But some think I take it to extremes. I like bran flakes and raisins just not both together. So as a child when Raisin Bran was bought for the household, it meant that I would take five minutes longer to eat my cereal, painstakingly eating all the flakes before beginning on the raisins. This was good practice for what I am about to discuss.

Eating all the cereal part of Lucky Charms is necessary so you can find out just how many “charms” or marshmallow shapes are left. Over the last year I have painstakingly separated my cereal to find out what might have been guessed. The most common charm is Lucky’s hat which contains the most easily thought of lucky charm – the four leaf clover. Lucky is of course the leprechaun mascot of this cereal. The least common lucky charm appears to be the blue moon. Which is as it should be. Blue moons are supposed to be rare.

Still some may say I’m an odd bird for separating my cereal and it does permeate its way to my other eating habits. With multi course meals it has been pointed out by various people that I very oddly eat each course separately.

This specific oddness led to being a common question to the now gone advice columnist Ann Landers. She would tell parents to let their children eat how they like, because this sorting and organizing trait led some of the children to become engineers and get these and other good paying jobs. While I didn’t become an engineer, I did take university level physics (which is closely related – engineering can be thought of as applied physics) so there is some truth behind this advice.

So you can laugh at me for my my-way-or-the-highway eating habits, but I can just say that they are a sign of a well organized mind.

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