I’m a Nerd

I’m a nerd, that’s the word,
That says I’m smart you turd,
Your insult now is blurred,
This is the same as saying honky,
I’d have said right up your donkey,
That’s your ass, sasafrass,
When you have power you don’t need class.
Any insults can be passed.

I’m a nerd, I’m preferred,
When you need to surpass the herd
And simply to be heard,
Nerds are rarely shunned
When you need that great big fund.
When you need to surpass the market,
Your money, you cannot park it,
Let a nerd make your target.

I’m a nerd and that’s a bird,
Also a dinosaur I’ve averred,
I know what once occurred,
We keep sifting through the facts,
That’s all of science’s great big act,
I’ve seen all of the sky,
And I sometimes ask “Why?”
All the gods let me pry.

I’m a nerd, I’m lightly furred,
Sometimes I’ve even purred,
For what’s right I’ve been spurred,
And sometimes I’ve even kept it,
For what’s right I’ve even helped it,
Chaotic good and lawful good,
I sometimes do what I should,
I’ve tried to do what I could.

I’m a nerd, it’s a word,
That I’ve often preferred,
Competence is averred,
By this word.

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Just another ranter on the Internet. Now in the Fediverse as @admin@larryrusswurm.org
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2 Responses to I’m a Nerd

  1. Larry says:

    I’m not sure I can go “backwards” as I see it. I’ve only ever written music first, then put a singing line on top. To start with words is foreign to me.

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