Bill C51 as a Verb

For allowing Bill C51 to rule the land I would like to do things to the right honourable Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper.

If I could do anything to the pair, I would turn Harper into a rat. Let’s see what a reception he gets in Alberta as that province likes to brag about its lack of rats. Also, there is the low quality of life to consider.

I would turn Trudeau into a truffle hunting pig. One that never gets to taste those divine treats. Just like he’s letting us sniff true electoral reform while he’s planning to make another first-past-the-post winner-take-all system the rule of the land. Because of him we will, of course, never taste true electoral reform.

For those who don’t know, Bill C51 allows police to arrest you without a warrant and CSIS can simply get a toady judge to breach your rights and freedoms in secret so you can’t defend yourself. CSIS handles way too many cases for the current overseers to make sure it remains ethical.

But I have finally decided to make peace with Bill C51. After all, it’s not so bad if you’re the prime minister, a member of CSIS, or a high ranking judge. Since becoming a member of CSIS or becoming a high ranking judge takes too long, I have decided to run for prime minister.

To make myself one of the contending candidates, I will simply offer to the public the prime minsterial act of BillC51ing someone. Sometimes I have the pulse of the voters and imagine I can offer up some Canadian resident that they truly hate. While running for prime minister I can offer up say, Jian Gomeshi or Karla Homolka or even William Shatner. I could BillC51 the least popular or even if its close, I could BillC51 all three.

Some of you may wonder why I listed William Shatner with the other two. Obviously the questioner has never seen an episode of TJ Hooker.

Then finally after gaining the Prime Minister’s office, I can finally do what I’ve planned all along. I can BillC51 Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau. Perhaps they’ve never seen what the shoe is like on the other foot. Even former prime ministers aren’t exempt when we trod on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Which might spell trouble for me in the next election.

But still, totally worth it.

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