The Answer to Toronto’s Condo Wall

A wall of condos and other high rises presently blocks part of the waterfront from the rest of Toronto. Real Estate is location, location, location and the waterfront is part of Toronto’s downtown area. There is money to be made with these towers and do you know what I say to this? Let them build.

For the reason why, we just have to look at Toronto’s own history. Front Street used to be the street that was built along the waterfront of Toronto and Lake Ontario. Toronto residents would be first to point out that Front Street isn’t anywhere near the lake. This is because in historic times, the city of Toronto infilled Lake Ontario for quite a long stretch. It was only then that Lake Shore Blvd. came into existence in central Toronto.

And some of you know that Lake Shore Blvd is only the closest road to the lake in some spots. In another historical era of infilling, Queen’s Quay was created. Don’t think that Toronto’s eras of infilling Lake Ontario are only in the past. The cries amongst opponents to the wall of condos becomes louder every passing year.

I say let’s finish up the condo wall then let in a Toronto government that says the waterfront actually belongs to the public. Then the city can put in more infill, enough to host a broad street and and a beautiful boardwalk. If the city goes into debt from this expenditure, the trick is to build a tower or two to pay for these costs.

Then the city can wait until future debts get it to build tower after tower. Then the cycle can repeat.

Personally, I believe in this cycle so strongly that I plan to buy property in St. Catharines, the city across Lake Ontario from Toronto. Sure, the port of Hamilton will kick and scream about being cut off from the rest of Lake Ontario by the kilometers and kilometers of infill, but Toronto is more populous so the governments of Ontario and Canada will always take Toronto’s side.

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