Attention Pokemon Go Players

Lift your eyes from your smart phone long enough to read this. I have invented a temporary tattoo designed to go on top of your eyelid that looks exactly like your eye. So your eyebrow will look like the upper eyelashes and your true upper and lower eyelashes will simply look like your lower eyelashes. Of course this works best if you have a low brow. I call them eye stamp tattoos.

eyestamptattoosI have gone through fifteen prototypes and a couple prototype testers but now these really work and look like your real eyes from all directions. Choose from blue, green, dark brown and light brown. I know there are other eye colours but I have only so much money from my kickstarter.

It even comes with official answers if you are questioned. Choose from “The light was green when I entered the intersection,” or “I thought you beckoned me onto your private property,” or “Blinking is for wimps,” or “Yes, I saw him murder her,” (which is guaranteed to get you out of any court case unless of course a male really did murder a female.)

They are only $15.99 and I suggest you don’t apply both eyes at the same time. If you manage to tattoo your eye, rather than face responsibility, this company will shut down immediately. Admit it, those are the type of odds you are willing to take. Or maybe it’s the possibility of seeing a less bright friend in a comical situation that makes you purchase our product. Buy our Eye Stamp Tattoos now!

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