Family Feud Super Families

It just occurred to me that perhaps the ultimate Family Feud battle could involve the Sharp family. Indeed I would probably bet on this name of family until either they lost or they ended up in a duel with the Smart family.

Then reason took hold and I realized that Family Feud is not a test of the intelligence of a family but rather a test of the averageness of the family.

So indeed I would be better off betting on the Mode family (as long as they were mean, anyways) and I would follow them, betting on them all the while until perhaps they encountered the Median family. If the Medians were mean it would be a push on how I should bet. But if anyone of the Medians or Modes had someone named Norm, it would be that family that I would bet on.

And if I lost in all my betting, it would just go to show you that the world we are living in is simply ironic.

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