Why Donald Trump Must Deport Himself

In the run-up to the American election and in the election itself, Donald Trump positioned himself to be a deporter of more of the people that try to make the United States a home. But I have to call him out as being an alien. Not an illegal alien, but the extra terrestrial kind.

Sure Donald Trump says the least little thing that enters his head but so do a lot of the people I know. Some of these people I know even do it in a microphone like Donald Trump does. But they don’t end up becoming president of the United States of America. They don’t even become president of a lesser country. They don’t even become a mayor. They don’t become the president of a company either. I believe that Donald Trump is a special case. Perhaps he has read the minds of a good portion of the electorate like any respectable alien.

Do you have to go any further than the top of Donald’s head to see something alien. Yeah, he’s passed it off as hair. But the wiser amongst us realize that it is truly alien and perhaps an orange spore releasing part of his head.

That permanent pout we see in his mouth is there for the usual reasons. He was told he was coming to a planet of lesser beings where he would get anything at all that he desired. It just wasn’t that easy as Trump University and Rosie O’Donnell can both attest.

Hands as small as Donald’s are usually found on women. But being an alien is his out. Yes he could be a male extra terrestrial. Even though ET’s hands were much bigger despite his diminutive stature.

But his orange skin and orange hair are only seen as being human because he puts Caucasian makeup around his eyes so it only looks like he has a problem with tanning. It is far more reasonable that he is a totally orange alien. And because of a leftist Canadian party (the NDP) that overuses the colour orange, Donald realized that he just disappears when he is on the left. That’s what made him into a right wing Republican. And I bet during his reign he will never visit left Canada. Hopefully he thinks that is western Canada so the NDP in the east can use a dropping that will make him disappear for good.

If Donald Trump goes so far as to deport extra terrestrial aliens, I can only say that his mother world must be calling him and his family back. Obviously the Donald will go so I just have one question. Who gets to inherit all his properties and businesses?

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