2016 Year End Review and Tesla

I’ve been waiting patiently all year for someone to poke fun at the Tesla company for making giant storage batteries for the home. This is a direct current operation and would be more sensible coming from a company named after Edison who believed household electricity should be DC. Way to dishonour the Tesla name.

As usual I have mocked many various things all year. In January and February I liked my post Symbol Dysmorphia and Scotsmen best.

If you’ve ever wondered if the various regimes around the world are actually benevolent then read All Alien Spaceships from March and April.

At the start of the summer I came up with Forcing Justin Trudeau to Keep Power. Ironically it was the belligerent Donald Trump that ultimately caused Justin to keep all his power. But never fear, Justin will give it all away to the next trade deal with anyone.

In midsummer I came up with a useful invention for the Pokemon Go revolution in Attention Pokemon Go Players.

In the fall I noticed the unfair Naming Animals by Sex That Are Closest to Us. Why do such huge discrepancies exist between dogs and cats?

I finished the year with Why Donald Trump Must Deport Himself. This was such a popular post that I deliberately didn’t post the last couple weeks and instead wrote and article for my other blog, Nooz Spun Right. If you write about American politics you can get 9 times the hits that Canadian politics brings.

With that I would like to wish everyone a good new year. Happy 2017.

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