There’s a New Organ in Town

There’s a new organ that has been discovered in the human body. It’s called the mesentery and it connects the intestine to the abdomen. What it does is still a mystery but possibly its discovery could lead to cures for some ailments.

So far this has made it past the peer review stage so it may well become scientific fact. It’s just that “complete” anatomy books have existed for over one hundred years and the mesentery has been pointed out in none of them.

The excuse is that the mesentery was once thought to be fragmentary bits and not a real organ.

So all those bodies that have been donated to science so medical students and others can do more than poke and prod at the human body have not uncovered this organ. But all along there have been rumours that medical students play with this bounty of generously donated specimens.

An intestine over the shoulder, a bladder as a hat, who knows what these students could have uncovered if they stopped their play. The tutors and others in charge should have had a first hand look at what they tested the students on, but, evidently their learning years were spent doing the same tomfoolery.

And then there are the morgues where causes of death need to be determined. You mean no one noticed the extra bits when they suspected the intestine or the abdomen had been the cause of death? Then there are all those movies and television shows and even music videos, where they are also fooling around in the morgue and not really doing the assigned jobs. Does this really happen, too?

Is it just that dead bodies are too comical a thing to really inspect and look at and discover? This really should embarrass the whole medical community. Maybe they are just waiting for the reports that the mesentery is still actually just bits. Maybe it does nothing. Or maybe we will find in the future that the mesentery looks like a good hat on a medical student.

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