Post Modern Anything is Impossible

There existed a time when the architecture and the art was hard to name. As such, the lazy, lazy people of this time called this style modern. And as the movement grew it was still called modern. Even as it faded it was called the modern style. The next style was called simply post modern.

These idiots attempted to steal a word from the rest of society. Modern has always meant what exists now. I like this word and use it as it was originally intended. The attempt to steal this word and associate it only with a specific period is despicable.

You historians of style can’t come up with your own name so allow me to call the style “clunky”. You lost any naming rights when you supposed that modern could be trapped in time. So I now can talk about the clunky style and the post clunky style.

And now, we wordsmiths can use the word modern, again, as it was originally intended.

Do not be deceived by mind bending definitions of post modern. They are trying to make believable the unbelievable – ie. that we can even say anything about post-now. Besides people don’t live in a mind bending age because most of them are simple and do not trouble themselves with such inanities as the term post modern.

I live in the modern age and will always do so. Post modern will forever remain beyond my and other’s reach. Just call me sensible.

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