Justin Trudeau and the Progression of Evil

We’ve all heard about Justin Trudeau and his family taking a trip on the dime of a hereditary muslim spiritual leader. Could this gift sway Canadian politics? What comes next for this corrupt Liberal government?

Let’s assume that Justin doesn’t shout down all ideas from his cabinet. Then that means the rest of the cabinet has power, too. Look for the next bought off trip to include all the members of the Trudeau cabinet as well as Justin and his family.

‘Now we’re getting somewhere’ corrupt businesses everywhere will say. You see they’ll no longer have to pay expensive lobbyists. Expect the last year that Justin is in power to be known as the Year of the World Cruise.

Justin will spend every day of that year waking up in a new exotic locale somewhere around the world. But in order to still do the business of running Canada, he will have to be accompanied by the whole of Canadian parliament. This way the taxpayers can be ever so slightly appeased.

But on the plus side, the parliament buildings in Ottawa will now be rented for a song. Imagine playing floor hockey in it’s immense halls. Imagine pretending to be prime minister in Justin Trudeau’s now deserted offices.

The legitimate government will be far away from Canada except during elections. All because enough voters didn’t make a kerfuffle about Justin Trudeau’s latest trip on the dime of the Aga Khan. “All the politicians are corrupt,” said one disillusioned voter allowing the circle of corruptness to expand again.

Let’s hope none of this happens. Let’s hope the ethics commissioner halts Trudeau in his tracks and he never takes a trip on someone else’s dime unless they are the taxpayer and he is prime minister. And these expenses can be reviewed.

While everyone else uses the word ‘entitled’ to describe Justin’s greed, I am using the more apt word ‘corrupt’.

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