Let’s Build a Wall

It has been said that the reason The United States must build a wall is because many Mexicans are trying to escape their hellhole for the relative peace of the United States of America. So along came Donald Trump with his idea of building a wall and then sending the bill to Mexico.

In recent months people from the United States have been leaving that country for Canada. The Manitoba and Quebec borders have only weak defenses. Unlike Ontario which has a wall of Great Lakes, Manitoba guards over a lightly populated border that is not treacherous at all to manage and Quebec which has odd borders like towns that seem to be arbitrarily separated building by building.

These attempted Canadians have to be housed, fed and ruled upon in Canada. Whether these people will ever be allowed to stay is up in the air right now.

To stop this problem and the uncomfortable example it sets for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, I have a suggestion. Build a wall.

These people will of course not stop without a huge wall. After all the United States is a relative hellhole compared to the peacefulness in Canada. Do not fear the taxpayer, Justin, for the United States has already voiced their take on the situation. Build the wall then present the bill to Donald Trump to pay.

Of course the Donald will pay. All we have to do is wait while he sets the precedent with Mexico. With the Donald’s own actions setting the international rules for wall payment, He will pay because he has to. Just as he does with all his business endeavours. Oh wait…

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  1. canadian who loves canada says:

    build a wall…all people immigrating to Canada must play by the same rules

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