Welcome, Canadians, to Our ‘Choice’

For those who don’t know, Canada has five parties that get seats: the Liberals, the Conservatives, the NDP, the Greens and the Bloc (which is only in Quebec and can’t win. I am going to ignore them for the rest of this article.)

So really there are four parties with different platforms that have the possibility of being elected. Canada is so lucky with all this choice you might think.

But of late the NDP has been waiting for the Green party to make its decisions. Then the NDP lifts their policies under the idea that only the NDP is a big enough party to get elected.

The Liberals and Conservatives used to be different parties. But not under the leadership of Justin Trudeau. Again and again he has bravely kept the Liberals supporting policy after policy of the Conservative Party.

It is my theory that Justin Trudeau thinks it all boils down to party moneys. He watched the Conservatives for a decade amass the largest war chest election after election. And now it appears that Justin is gunning for all this monetary support. So he shadows the Conservatives like a true zealot assuming he can buy the next election.

So there are only two choices in Canadian politics. ‘Welcome,’ our American neighbours would probably say.

But it gets worse.

Of the four parties only two have ever governed – the Liberals and the Conservatives. The closest the NDP has ever gotten is second place. The closest the Greens have ever gotten is fourth place among the relevant four.

So power rotates between the same guys and the same old guys who are the Liberals and the Conservatives. In all this it looks like only one view will ever have power in our stagnating system.

C’mon people vote for non liberal/conservatives. We need this in the next election. So we can say that our system is no worse than the American one. And worse, it presently is. Welcome to your choice. If that doesn’t get fewer Canadians voting, I don’t know what will.

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