Be Careful Little Mars

Fragile is a classic album by the band Yes and illustrated by Roger Dean. The front of this cover has an idyllic looking miniature world with a “wooden” spaceship with jagged edges and curved wings flying above and is pictured at the link. This spaceship was dubbed “the moorglade mover” by Yes. The back of the album shows the moorglade mover further along its route and the planet blowing up.

It is my contention that the moorglade mover is responsible for the planet blowing up. It dropped a bomb or did a death stare with a third eye or some such. The important take away from this is that the moorglade mover survived and the planet did not.

Now I admit it is quite the stretch but look at the picture of the satellite/space probe MAVEN that is at this link. At first glance it is nothing like the moorglade mover. But it does have the jaggedness and curved wings of that fictional craft. And it is such an odd shape for a space probe. Maybe you believe it is an innocent space probe; the type NASA likes to regularly send to interesting places. I don’t believe that for a minute.

Think about it, what if NASA sent an unsterilized space probe to Mars? Then that was followed by rovers that are searching high and low for signs of life. Well what if they find life and it turns out to be Earth life. NASA would do almost anything to miss the blame for that one. Including…blowing up Mars to hide the evidence.

It is my belief that MAVEN will destroy Mars soon. NASA deliberately left clues like the moorglade mover and the Fragile album cover. Have you ever seen a space probe that looked even remotely like MAVEN?

They’ve finally done it. One button push could destroy the Earth. They will prove it with Mars. Fragile indeed. NASA wants Russia and China to quake in their boots at the might of the mighty USA.

You can ignore me and my ranting about this. Just promise me you will change if and when Mars is no longer there.

As for the improper sterilization of a probe, I believe it was Viking that did this in 1976. It was not an idea in the general public at the time that we should try not to interfere with alien life. But after Star Trek: The Next Generation came out and preached and preached about non interference, it was realized that Mars probes really ought to be sterilized so no earthly life could overwhelm any Martian life.

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