Why Do Extreme Right Wing Authors Glorify the Left?

Robert A. Heinlein was an extreme right wing author with his assertion that he was libertarian. Some of you may correlate libertarians with liberals but there is no real connection. Libertarians largely believe that the government should provide a military and little else to its citizens. This largely puts them in the same camp as the Tea Party in the US.

This is very much at odds with the family values of the main family in Have Spacesuit – Will Travel. The protaganist is a space loving teenager but his father almost steals the show despite not being that present in the story.

The teenage son at one point goes to the spot in the house where his father places unneeded money. Since there is none there, the son knows from experience that there is none to be had and asking his parents would be useless.

This communal money reminds me of a political system that starts with the same letters. It basically is an example of “from each according to ability, to each according to need”. That’s right. It is an essential tenet of communism that the family operates under.

Orson Scott Card is a more recent extreme right author. He was on record as saying essentially, that if the government adopted gay marriage, this meant that the government should be overthrown. Now, to be honest, no one really followed up on Card’s threats so how bad can he really be? Still his extremism is obvious to almost anyone who sees Card’s political rantings on the net.

In the Ender Series (his most famous work), Ender is confronted by two possible xenocides. A xenocide is of course the complete extermination of an intelligent species. The first xenocide is actually committed since the “buggers” attacked Earth and finally Earth (with Ender’s military skills) pushes back so much that these intelligent aliens are exterminated. Except for the Hive Queen who Ender spirits away with the hope of letting her live out her life and resurrecting the buggers.

In the book, Xenocide, Ender takes up the cause of the “piggies” and the rest of their planet that has a dangerous virus that is important for that ecosystem. But humans want to wipe out the planet to stop the virus from ever endangering human life again. Ender chooses to fight and to stop the xenocide.

Now Ender has reasons to allow the two xenocides. The buggers never once negotiated and just wanted to exterminate humans. Why not commit a genocide against them?

The second xenocide and destroying of a planet could have been allowed to go ahead without resistance, and humanity would be spared a very dangerous virus.

These two examples of softness in Ender remind one of a socialist. Always looking out for someone else even if it makes the socialist’s life worse.

I think I have proved that some extreme right wing authors have strong left wing themes. I think there is one simple reason for this. These right wing authors don’t want to appear to be very mean or small minded. They don’t want people to be afraid of socializing with them. So they use the left.

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