Giv’ ‘er Should Be the Title of the New Imagine Dragons Album

I’m just going to list the titles off the album “Evolve” and put them in a particular order with little but some explanation:

Mouth of the River
Start Over
Whatever it Takes
Walking the Wire (contains e and r)
Rise Up
Dancing in the Dark
I Don’t Know Why (which should be called “Dangerous” for its best part which is the bridge)
I’ll Make It Up To You

So that is at most two songs that don’t have both an ‘e’ and ‘r’ in them. And most of the songs have the “er” together. I believe this is both willful and premeditated on the part of Imagine Dragons.

That’s almost a home run for the “er” part of “Giv’ ‘er” but what about the “giv’”? Well the song Mouth of the River has a line that goes: “And the wrath of the giver”. So that is my rationale for why the title should be “Giv’ ‘er”.

Actually that whole chorus in Mouth of the River rhymes the “er”: “Oh the mouth of the river, And the wrath of the giver, With the hands of a sinner, Oh the mouth of the river”.

This is more fun you can have with title mining, which I think I’ve caught Imagine Dragons doing on at least two albums. Will they bring title mining to a climax on their next album? Wait about 3 years and see.

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