My Best Posts of the Year 2017

If you think my annual post about my favourites from the past year is a cop out, you are absolutely correct. I give myself one week a year when I don’t have to think of anything new and shiny. It used to be the easiest post of the year. Until this year.

My memory is slipping this year. In previous years all I had to do was scan the titles of my posts to pick a favourite for each two month period. The posts would then face off in my mind and most times I would pick a favourite easily. But sometimes it’s harder and I have to reread two or three posts to decide which one is truly best.

This year I am not reminded what the post is about from the title. So painstakingly I’ve had to read through almost every single post to remind me about all of them directly. Only the last month’s posts were remembered without reading.

So this year I put in more effort for this list. Thus I no longer see it as a cop out.

For my January and February pick I would have chosen from my sister site Nooz Spun Right my poll about who wore it better me or David Bowie. I captured a really neat photograph of myself with the setting sun’s light coming through the slats on my balcony. It looked like a lightning bolt due to the angles on my face. Unfortunately Poll Daddy wrenched the poll from the post and I really don’t want to sign up with them after that. So instead I will choose A Smoke Filled Bar for my first best post of the year.

The Canadian Duel lightened the month of April. My Plan to Counterfeit and Never Get Caught is a workable plan it’s just that I blew it by telling all of you. Don’t make the same mistake.

SETI: Dumb Isn’t Dumb is my real opinion on the topic, I just had to dress it up with humour to be a piece on my blog site.

The Secret Origin of Tail is a comic page departure from my usual post, but I think a good one. Just pardon me if there aren’t too many more of these in the future. I do want to finish at least one more but I may stop there as these are time intensive undertakings as I have to both draw and write. I can write three normal blog posts in the time I take for one of these.

I’ll leave the year suggesting that you read Water Roads, last week’s post. It is really flash fiction and is an example of my writing which I am very serious about even if this story isn’t quite serious.

Happy new year to anyone I’ve missed saying this to in the last week. I hope it brings good things to you and yours and to this site.

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    I have always thought the same thing.

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