Oh, the Irony of Parties in Canada

The first irony is that a party means a group that gets along. It’s almost completely ironic that only one person (the leader) has any say in this group. Oh they pretend equality every once in a while by having a free vote in the House of Commons. But these are rare and only occur if the party leader has no clear answer of their own.

The only thing liberal about the Liberals is spreading the net wide for the opposite sex. Just follow the career of Trudeau the elder. He even went out of the country to find suitable females. I am as surprised as you are that he found a Canadian mother for his children.

But more often the liberals are conservatives. Just ask Justin Trudeau who appointed an evenly split by gender cabinet. This is of course a ruse of equality because the cabinet has zero power. Trudeau has it all. Because it’s long past 2015 and that’s how Trudeau rolls.

The Conservatives are almost always the most liberal in their spending. Preach fiscal conservatism but try to outspend the socialists when you are in power is their real motto. That’s what the Conservatives do over and over again. You see, their rich buddies want them to spend the same amount of money on them or their companies as previous governments did on social programs. Is it a surprise that the Conservatives get the most campaign contributions? Not bad for a party that is usually number two in popularity.

Most of the provincial conservative parties are known as Progressive Conservative parties. Excepting fiscal conservatism these more local parties should really be known as the Regressive conservatives. Debtor’s prison? What a great idea and they got the idea from that British literary great Charles Dickens. This is regardless of Dickens’ true intent.

The New Democratic Party is not new – it has existed for my full lifetime. Even in the world of political parties it is older than even the European Green Parties.

Which gets us to the Canadian Green Party. Maybe they just don’t know what ironic is. Almost all their platforms either don’t affect the environment or are green in that they are positive for the environment.

Everyone in Canada knows the “colour of money” is green even though we have multicoloured money. Just ask the Rosedale stop on one of the Toronto subway lines. (Yes it’s a rich area and yes the tiles on the stop are green.) Isn’t greening the environment supposed to be expensive? It is but this change could be a large engine of the economy. I think the change would give us better lives. And before you quote a naysaying economist on me, remember that there are many yea-saying economists. That’s right. As a science, economics is far softer than climate science so there is way more division.

Is the Green Party too green to realize that it must be ironic in Canada? Maybe. But maybe there is a group of people that is sick to death of backwards speak.

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