Fave Posts of 2018

Some think that this Boxing Week post is the lamest of the year. There are no jokes – I just list some of my favourite posts of the last year for your curiosity.

But some might appreciate these posts. If you are new to my site you might appreciate this list. Know that every Boxing Week I do this except 2015. In 2015 I forgot to do this list and it appeared as the first post of 2016.

Others might be curious at what I am aiming for in my humour. These posts are generally what I try to aim for . Know also that in October I thought I was on a hot streak of one good post after another. The stats I got bore this out, too. October was my top visitor getting month of the year.

In February I warned countries to not cut down their rainforests. An unpredictable United States with the most powerful military especially, that is, on cleared land, is a strong danger.

Permapout was posted in April and told us some of how a meeting would go down with Trump and Kim Jong Un in a more realistic way than the idea that Trump could somehow manage to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

In May I pointed out how humans may be able to time travel like animals already successfully doing so today. I call this style of time travel “ignorant time travel”.

In July I posted about the realities of ‘7 League Boots‘.

In October I like all my posts but Better than ‘Baby on Board’ is my favourite.

In December I liked Don’t Grinch or Scrooge This Post. It brings up points that are only too true but also funny.

So, whether or not you actually choose to follow the links, have a wonderful new year of 2019.

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