Boy is Trudeau Red Faced Right Now

Justin Trudeau in brownface and blackface is all over the news right now. The first poll I saw yesterday that takes this into account had the Conservatives and Liberals each going down a percentage point while the NDP and Greens went up a point each.

I was really hoping that this poll would show something more that couldn’t be quashed by the margin of error. Still I am going to treat this poll like it’s factual and truly representative of the voters.

Sure the Liberals should go down but why did the Conservatives go down? Shouldn’t the Conservatives be gaining some of the Liberal losses? I think it was inevitable that both would sink in their ratings. Why? I think it is an illustration of dog whistle politics.

Every single election the Conservatives are in, there is at least one scandal in their party where they have to get rid of a contestant for a seat because they do something racist or at the very least intolerant of a minority. Every election time. A lot of the time the Conservatives manage to hold it down to one scandal exactly. I don’t think this is a coincidence. Every election writ they want the public to know they are the party of racists and intolerance. Like a dog whistle this lets them get the racist vote while not upsetting the more equality minded in their party.

Now, seeing that Justin Trudeau is racist and the leader of his party, I think 1 percent of voters left the Conservative party for the possibly more racist Liberal Party. And 2 percent of the high minded Liberal supporters left for the Greens and the NDP in roughly equal numbers.

I am, however, disappointed that the effect is so small. Perhaps the import of this scandal has yet to sink in. I hope so.

Still I find one thing encouraging. I believe this election that the racist vote will be split three ways. Yes the Liberals and Conservatives will have some racists voting for them but still there is Maxime Bernier and his slate of candidates for the People’s Party of Canada. He and his candidates wish to stop or severely curtail immigration. They’ve been charged with racism many times but refuse to offer any concessions to their opposition.

And yes Maxime Bernier is from the Conservative party where he failed to become leader so he started his own party. Thanks Maxime for helping split the racist vote three ways.

And for a guy who can’t remember the amount of times he dressed up in brown face and black face, Justin Trudeau’s face should be beet red in embarrassment.

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