Can Business Afford Ford?

Doug Ford is the province of Ontario’s Premier. His popularity has slipped drastically since he was first elected to the top post in the province. Still his political missteps continue.

He wants all gas stations in the province to display and post stickers that his government has decided they must attach to the pumps. They are decidedly propaganda against the carbon tax of the federal government. They claim that Ontario citizens are going to pay more and more to this tax. The stickers fail to mention that these very citizens are going to get more back in their income tax than they pay in carbon tax.

Anyhow Ford made it clear to the gas stations that they would have to put up the stickers or pay up to $10 000 a day in fines. This isn’t a fine thing to do. Especially since the stickers don’t stick.

I can just see all those anxious gas stations closing down their gas bars on the morning the fines started and rushing to a store for tape, scissors and even glue. They would be hoping against all hope they got back in time to attach the non sticking propaganda. (Can they even be called stickers if they don’t stick?)

And I can just see them managing to get back to the gas station only to find they had already been fined. They’d have to pay $10 000 because of what appears to be Ford’s bungling of the situation.

And it does seem like bungling. Remember Doug Ford’s brother, Rob, put Toronto under scrutiny for being the city with a crack smoking mayor. Doug was just a city councilor then because it was widely assumed that he was the more bungling of the two.

But I think it is an entrapment scheme to make some businesses pay more tax. But since tax is a dirty word to the Progressive Conservative party of Ontario, they managed to call it a fine.

What clever ways will Ford’s government come up with to make businesses pay more money to Ontario? When it can’t be a tax it’s fine. Surprise me Doug Ford. Maybe you’ll somehow manage to balance the budget with no tax. Just fine after fine after fine.

Doug Ford you’re more creative than I thought. But I still wonder if the province’s businesses can afford you.

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