Superhero Practice

It was a busy warehouse that morning as the whole Mother Earth Force was there. Modern Ninja and Near Absolute Hero were sparring – Modern Ninja without using her invisibility and Near Absolute Hero without using his cold gun. Mother Earth was explaining to Tail and Flying Squirrel that Tail needed to learn how to break in and hot-wire a car. Flying Squirrel knew all about that kind of thing and could show Tail.

“But what’s in it for me? You say I’m still not part of your team. Perhaps I shouldn’t show Tail so you’ll need me in the future.”

“We are willing to make you an alternate. You could be a sometimes member of the Mother Earth Force. Besides, don’t you want to see Tail fend for himself? If he had been able to do this before, his getaway from Varmint might have been easy and he never would have been taken by the suspicious government.”

“An alternate? What good is that? I want in on the glory.”

“As an alternate you will get your own Top Secret powered exoskeleton. That’s the gift that I gave the other three. And that is largely the reason they spar so well. You will also get access to this warehouse to train.”

Flying Squirrel (who got his name from his wing suit) looked over to the sparring between Modern Ninja and Near Absolute Hero. It was impressive. With their exoskeletons they were able to fight better than ordinary humans. “I’ll do it.”

Modern Ninja and Near Absolute Hero were relaxing for a few moments so Mother Earth appeared on the computer nearest the pair and listened.

“I just think your name is so awkward,” Modern Ninja said.

“Well right now, you’re the absolute hero and I’m near you,” said Near Absolute Hero.

“Oh, so you’re a charmer,” stated Modern Ninja.

“No flirting, you two,” Spoke up Mother Earth.

The pair looked askance at the screen.

“First it’s flirting and before you know it, Modern Ninja is pregnant. Then we’ll have to go with the alternate of Flying Squirrel. Do you want that? Does anybody want that?”

There was silence in the warehouse for a moment. Then Flying Squirrel said, “Hey!”

Still, no one came to his defence.

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