The Apocalypse is Boring

With theaters shuttered, almost all TV productions now halted, most sports on hold, libraries closed and you can’t go out to a restaurant or nightclub or live show, it is patently obvious that if COVID-19 is the apocalypse then it is boring.

Thankfully we can still go online and most news shows are going. Still the era of nonstop entertainment has definitely flown the coop. Some are resorting to board games and learning as a form of entertainment.

But I guess we should have known that the apocalypse would be boring. Notice how the whole genre of post apocalyptic story telling can basically describe their various apocalypses in about a sentence or long phrase.

There was a nuclear war… The machines rose up… The dead began to rise… or The virus reached pandemic proportions…

All of these manage to avoid the very boring apocalypse itself. The interesting stuff comes later and that’s what makes a post apocalyptic story good.

So excuse me while I wait for reality to change drastically and become much more interesting. It is now my belief that society changes for the worse because we so miss high stakes fiction and the rivalry of sports that we start to put that stuff into reality.

So expect society to totally shift. There should be various factions and from what we know about post apocalyptic societies in fiction is that it will undoubtedly involve cannibalism from one of the factions. And there always seem to be lots of bullets left over even though the factions use them like crazy and the factories that make them are probably long destroyed or at best closed.

Anyhow, I am getting ahead of myself. I only know for sure that the apocalypse is boring. But hopefully not this blog which attempts to make something interesting about a topic that is literally boring.

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