Superheroine’s Night Out

“So this is really our first patrol? That girls’ night out thing was just to throw the guys off our scent?” asked Modern Ninja almost trembling with anticipation.

“You’ve got it,” assured Mother Earth her image on the dashboard screen.

“With all this practicing, you know we could have practiced driving more.” Modern Ninja turned left and the street lights lit her up one by one.

“That’s something we can work on but for the time being we’ll leave the chases for the cops.”

“You know,” said Modern Ninja in a confiding manner, “Tail took it upon himself to warn me about you.”

“But he’s my oldest friend of the whole lot of you.”

“Yes, well he said that he got to thinking after the government took him that some of what they told him may have been real. He said it’s possible you’re not even a woman.”

“Do you think this is a girl night out?” asked Mother Earth.

“Girls night out.”

“Just girl night out. As in just you.”

“Huh. I think he trusts you with life and death things. It’s just that he worries you might be a peeping Tom.”

“So I’ve pretended all this time that I was a woman just to see you naked even though I didn’t know you until a couple months ago?”

“Ha, ha. That’s pretty much the theory. But you know, Tail put your image in many an artificial intelligence identification program and they haven’t scraped you just yet. They demand to know who you are and that’s where Tail leaves the program. Either you’re unique or you haven’t been scraped just yet. That is unless you had radical plastic surgery of the face.”

“You should know I am wonderful at keeping secrets…”

The police scanner said “Someone tripped the alarms at the RO Museum.”

“That’s only a couple blocks away!” said an excited Mother Earth. “Turn right here. We’ll approach from the back.” There was the sound of a far away siren.

There was a two lane width loading dock road with a van at the dock. Modern Ninja put her car sideways across both possible exits so the van was trapped.

“I did a check of the security cameras and there are two men running toward the dock about 3 seconds apart from each other.”

Modern Ninja ran from the car up to the loading dock doors. She readied herself to stare at the left or right one knowing that she would be invisible except her eyes to the point where she looked. The left door opened. In the dark she doubted that her prey even saw her eyes before being kicked.

That first man dropped to the floor and his bag hit with an audible thump. Suddenly the second man was through the door and jumped just in time to avoid his slumped friend.

Modern Ninja kicked him in the balls then hit him with her fists. As both were down she grabbed her handcuffs and handcuffed both to the fence that was parallel to the dock. She was glad that she had listened to Tail who always said you should have three pairs of handcuffs on you at all times.

The closest siren seemed to stop growing nearer. Perhaps that police car was at a different entrance. Modern Ninja got back in the car and the pair were away before the police even knew they were there. The handcuffs had Modern Ninja’s name on them and the two thieves might tell the police what they thought had happened.

It was a productive girls’ night out. All the practice had paid off for Modern Ninja.

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