Another View of a Superheroine

Lead Investigator Bates and Police Commissioner Corwin crowded around the computer for the viewing. Both had heard reports about what had happened at the museum and it seemed odd, especially the two handcuffed men with the Modern Ninja handcuffs.

“Alright,” said Bates, “this is from the camera at the far end of the loading dock we’re most interested in. It’s set to show us only the times when it caught some motion.”

It was set to play and they could see a white van pull up to park in the loading dock. Out came two men dressed in black with masks covering their faces. They easily lock picked the door and went in.

Suddenly the time on the top right corner jumped ahead 20 minutes. They saw a woman get out of her car after blocking the van in. She was in a strange head to toe suit that only let up to reveal her eyes. Then the door opened from the museum.

Out came a man who didn’t react in the slightest as the woman kicked him in the head. Then he went down. A second man came out and saw enough to jump over the first man but didn’t think to protect himself from the woman kicking him in the balls and then punching him in the face.

The pair continued to watch as the woman dragged each man over to the fence and handcuffed them there.

“Well,” said Commissioner Corwin, “she blocked them in thus proving she is a new superheroine in town. So of course she took them down.”

“I’m not so sure,” said Investigator Bates. “She knew there were only two men inside or else she would have kept watching that door. I think she is their kingpin boss. Why else would they have just stood there when she attacked them?”

“I don’t know,” said Corwin. “They’re too good at not flinching at all. I think they had trouble seeing her in the dark.”

“After they came out of a dark museum? I don’t buy it.”

“Well you said there were two cameras. Where was the other camera?” asked Corwin.

“It was right over the door that the two men came out. It will show the view looking out of the museum.” The lead investigator got the new footage to come up on the screen.

From this new angle they watched the van pull up and the two men get out and come in the door. Then the time skipped twenty minutes and they saw the woman’s car pull up to block an easy escape. The woman came out of the car then clambered up to the side where the fence was, then turned to face the door and disappeared!

“She’s still there,” yelled Corwin at the screen. “That background light can be seen but it should be slightly higher! She’s invisible from a point! I’ve heard of this before but not quite as advanced!”

They watched as the first man came out and crumpled in a heap. “I think I see her eyes,” said Investigator Bates. He stopped the video and picked out an area on screen, then expanded it. “I’d even say those eyes look East Asian.”

They let the video go, then, and could see those eyes as the second man presumably got kicked and hit. Then suddenly the woman was visible again, dragging each man over to the fence and handcuffing them to it.

“I’d say she’s invisible to whatever she looks at.” Corwin was smug. “There’s a new superheroine in town.”

“How does she know there are only two, though?”

“I don’t know,” said Commissioner Corwin typing furiously on his phone. “Ahh. There it is. The invisible car. It’s only invisible from a certain angle.” He showed Investigator Bates this article which had some pictures.

“Invisibility and prescience are too many powers for one superhero or superheroine.”

“We also saw her leave twice and she had nothing. She was against taking anything from the museum.”

“A refined supervillain then?” asked Inevstigator Bates.

“We’ll have to talk with the two perps to find out,” said Commissioner Corwin.

“If that doesn’t clarify things, we’ll have to put out a call for her to meet with us. But that’ll only work if she’s a superheroine.” Investigator Bates was smug that this approach might reveal the woman as a supervillain.

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