A Gaggle of Superheros in Montreal

The Mother Earth Force rented a room in a hotel in Montreal near the spots where the three linked arsons had taken place. Mother Earth scanned all the nearby active cameras with an A.I. she had stolen from the American military to identify Flame Tosser regardless of any disguises he may have donned. With the A.I. doing most of the “work”, the troop played games to pass the time. These games were easy to readjust from if they were going to see action soon.

The A.I. sounded the alarm during a raucous game of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. Immediately the group was up and running (well flying for Near Absolute Hero). Mother Earth shouted out directions from each of their smart phones. They spotted their nemeses some meters from a large building.

Flame Tosser sparked one of his farts which was pointed at Near Absolute Hero. Near Absolute Hero put out the fire with his cold gun and idly looked at the rest of the group to see their faces sour one by one from the smell.

Tail was giving a good accounting of himself with his ninja but Near Absolute Hero spied Modern Ninja being encroached on by two ninjas from either end. That was one extra ninja than they thought there would be.

Modern Ninja could use her point invisibility for one of the ninjas but the other one was bound to attack without any problems.

Near Absolute Hero let Flame Tosser go and flew Modern Ninja up over her attackers and yelled to Tail about the rest. Modern Ninja yelled for him to retreat. Finally Tail could avert his attention from his foe long enough to see the other two ninjas. He immediately retreated.

Flame Tosser and his minions fled into the building and ran downstairs. This immediately nullified Near Absolute Hero’s powers and made the rest vulnerable to Flame Tosser’s fire. Near Absolute Hero couldn’t use his cold gun inside because the backpack part would cause fires on its own. He had hoped Flame Tosser would try inside by a window where the glass could be broken and the cold gun fired inside.

“Quick,” yelled Near Absolute Hero. “They’re probably going to come back up the stairs on the other side of the building.”

Mother Earth stopped Near Absolute Hero’s flight. “All these buildings are connected by tunnels. Apparently Montreal has over 30 kilometers of tunnels downtown.”

“No,” cried Near Absolute Hero in anguish. “Now we know why Flame Tosser chose Montreal.”

“Are you up to help the Montreal fire department with the fire Flame Tosser and the ninjas set?” asked Modern Ninja.

“Absolutely. We’ll need good press after this leaks. No one caught the third ninja by camera. How is that even possible?”

“They might not have used him the previous fires. They knew once the city was held for ransom that we would be on the hunt,” said Tail. “That’s when they used their advantage.”

Near Absolute Hero followed the fire trucks. The rest went back to the hotel.

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