Supervillains Raise Their Rates

After their successful arson, despite the work of the Mother Earth Force, Flame Tosser raised the demanded rate for not burning Montreal to 5 million dollars. It was suspected that savings on insurance alone could pay off these arsonists. But the culprits also wanted guarantees of not being prosecuted and proof that the Mother Earth Force was forced to leave the case.

The fire department told Near Absolute Hero that they might pay the city’s ransom. It’s just that the police and by extension, the Mother Earth Force were being given one more chance to capture these supervillains.

Tail even suggested that the Mother Earth Force call in Flying Squirrel to even the odds.

“That’s what they expect us to do. But Flying Squirrel has no obvious skills for defeating even one ninja,” explained Mother Earth. “Besides Modern Ninja and I think she could handle two ninjas on her own. It’s just that if she gets caught in the middle of those two it again wouldn’t work.”

“I can watch her from time to time,” said Near Absolute Hero. “If she gets caught in the middle again, I’ll fly her to safety one more time. But it will mean we can’t defeat the Flame Tosser gang and should avoid angering them and ratcheting up their price for a second time.”

“Are you up to the challenge, Modern Ninja?” asked Tail.

“Yes, I am. I think it’s just a matter of keeping my distance till I know where both ninjas I must fight are. Then I can defeat them.”

Again the team hung out in the hotel room waiting for the call of the A.I. that was watching all the downtown cameras. This time they knew about the network of tunnels in downtown Montreal so the A.I. was mainly watching the cameras from near those tunnels.

The first night there was nothing. The Mother Earth Force kept their night hours and it was 4 a.m. the second night when the A.I. had a positive ID of the supervillains. Again they rushed after the supervillains.

Again the fire had already been ignited by the time they were there. Again Near Absolute Hero doused Flame Tossers fart flames, braving the stench to do so. Tail was still a trial for his ninja with that extra appendage to fight with.

Modern ninja was the one to watch that is if you could see her. She used her point invisibility on one of the two ninjas she was after. He could still see her eyes so Modern Ninja raised her arm in front of her eyes. Her suit made that invisible so from the point of her targeted ninja there was nothing to see.

Quickly Modern Ninja moved so her target ninja was in front of the other ninja. Now neither could see her. Modern Ninja lowered her arm revealing only her eyes. She could now see her enemies and approached ready to fight.

First came the fight with the target ninja. He couldn’t see her leg as it smashed into his face and knocked him out.

Modern Ninja hopped over him and attacked the second ninja in the same way. He fell down for good, too and Modern Ninja handcuffed him and then did the same with her first victim. She finally dared to look at Tail who was handcuffing his own villain.

Flame Tosser could see that he was about to be assaulted on three fronts and ran toward the building that would give him freedom.

There was nothing left for Near Absolute Hero to do so he grabbed Flame Tosser by the armpits and went up, up, up to the top of the highest building in downtown Montreal. “Don’t struggle! You’ll fall to your death if you break loose!” informed Near Absolute Hero on the way up.

When they were up at that height, Near Absolute Hero had a revelation. “The tallest building in Montreal is exactly as high as Mount Royal’s peak! They must have put that in the zoning for the island of Montreal!”

Near Absolute Hero could also see that the fight below had finished. To Flame Tosser he said, “Even falling from a few feet off the ground could break your leg and you wouldn’t be able to escape.” Then as a surprise move, Near Absolute Hero dropped Flame Tosser from about 10 feet onto the concrete.

While Near Absolute Hero cold gunned Flame Tosser’s flame, Tail handcuffed the supervillain. After Tail was finished he could finally complain about the smell. Even without flames it seemed deadly.

They could hear sirens. It was a race to see if police would reach the battle first or the fire department would reach the fire first. The cops arrived first. Tail and Modern Ninja told them about Flame Tosser’s power. The ongoing smell backed up their story. They took no chances and used 4 cruisers to haul away the 4 supervillains.

Near Absolute Hero flew to the fire and fought it till well past sunrise.

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