A Quiet Place!

There’s one thing that librarians all over the world have had to do every day at work. It’s just never ending. They have to hush their patrons from time to time. Most people need a quiet environment in order to read well. Librarians are simply trying to provide that environment.

They’ve had to do this from as far back as I remember and I bet for many more lifetimes this has been a small but important part of the job. Yet the public never seems to learn. I think I know of a way to accelerate the learning curve for the public.

The monsters from A Quiet Place hunt you down and kill you if you make noise. Sure that’s scary, you might say, until some pistol packing citizen gets accosted. You would be wrong. The monsters are also bullet proof.

So what if some librarian in a labyrinthine library gets a hold of one of these creatures? They could set it loose in the louder parts of the library where the public is known to be more likely to talk.

Can you imagine how quickly the patrons would catch on and how quiet that library would become? Next time you’re in a library ask a librarian if they have fantasized about such a quiet place. Undoubtedly they have, as bloodthirsty as that may seem.

But wait. The monsters from A Quiet Place are believed to have come from outer space and are in fact aliens. Can you imagine the planet they came from? Their libraries would never have needed librarians that hushed patrons. Patrons would have been able to hear themselves think so well. No wonder this species beat Earthlings to interstellar travel.

Maybe they wish to spread their gifts across the galaxy. A quiet place for all to think on whichever planet they set foot on. They might even gift their technology of interstellar travel to us if we continue to be quiet for long enough.

Indeed, maybe the monsters are really a race of super powerful librarians who are dead serious about their quiet policies. Oh I’m sorry. I forgot to say spoiler alert. After all this is the obvious and most likely ending to the A Quiet Place series.

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