It’s Soccer Club!

Soccer has made a comeback in North America. But you wouldn’t know that by the names. Toronto F. C. is the local team here in my part of North America. F. C. stands for football club.

This Eurotrash attempt to rename the sports of North America, had better stop. We already have a sport named football. The next time someone says Toronto F. C., I am going to say, “Oh, you mean the Argos?”

Excuse me, I said Eurotrash. But I’m not sure all Europeans are complicit. Most of them speak different languages and might have respect for our word “soccer”. So let me change that to “Brexiting Eurotrash”!

Brexiting Eurotrash should not get a say in how sports are named in North America. How would Brexiting Eurotrash like it if North Americans bought some soccer club over in Britain, say Manchester United, and change it’s name to Manchester S. C. where S. C. stood for soccer club?

Dallas and New York can join me in my rebellion so whenever you hear F. C. Dallas you can say , “Oh the Cowboys” and when you hear New York City F. C., you can say ,”Oh the Giants” or “Oh the Jets”.

Then I would like to take it one step further. The Argos, Cowboys, Giants and Jets should take it to court as a trademark violation. In North America these teams are in sports that are called football. The overreach by Toronto F. C. and F. C. Dallas and New York City F. C., using the name football while in North America, shows unmitigated gall. My only problem with such a lawsuit is that the Giants and Jets will have to split any winnings. Really I think that New York City F. C. ought to pay double!

Since people aren’t yet standing up for the purity of North American English, I feel I must. If we have to sue soccer teams into the dust I say bring it on!

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