Frank Bombs

Lately frank bombs have been going off. You know, like the ones in the Wizard of Oz. When the scarecrow is told by the wizard that he had a brain all along, the tin man had a heart and the cowardly lion had bravery. It had been shown all along they had these traits but the characters just needed to see this. The wizard was their frank bomb.

A frank bomb just went off in the circus around Britney Spears. The documentary, Framing Britney Spears gives a history of how things went wrong for Britney. It makes the media and others look bad, Indeed Justin Timberlake issued an apology for his post breakup treatment of Britney. (Timberlake even [finally] apologized to Janet Jackson for nipplegate, too.) After this documentary’s frank bomb went off, most are in agreement that Britney should be free of the conservatorship her father has her in.

Let’s be honest. The woman had mental health problems. That’s all. The press made it sound like chaos was imminent. The vast majority of those that have mental illness never have a conservatorship forced upon them. Even if it’s possible she needed one at the time, those with mental illness learn to cope. She certainly should be free of any conservatorship now. Boom! The frank bomb went off. Now most people agree with the slogan “free Britney”.

A frank bomb just went off for me living in Canada with the queen as my figurehead. They could have put that piece about Prince Phillip being in the hospital, anywhere in the newscast. Harry and Megan finalizing their rift with the royals could also have been in any part of the newscast, too. It’s politics after all. But they put both in the entertainment part of the newscast. I laughed. Boom! A frank bomb went off.

A frank bomb should go off around Donald Trump. This man never wanted to be President of the United States of America. He wanted the power he thought the president had. Which is really the power of the Dictator of the United States of America. After getting in office it was clear that Trump fawned over dictators like Kim Jong-un.

It was kind of like Britney’s song Lucky where she dreams of being a Hollywood actress. Then in real life gets to be a Hollywood actress in Crossroads. Well Trump dreamed about being a dictator. Then set it up so in real life he almost got to be one. But we know the insurrection failed. So far. Let’s not ever let Trump be in a position to be dictator again.

Some of his fans think they’d like him as a dictator. They’re delusional. If the United States became a dictatorship under Trump, in 10 years the US would be no more powerful than China. Indeed the reason why China is behind the United States, still, is because they are a dictatorship. Dictatorships don’t promote top of the line thinking. They promote survival thinking.

In short: Trump’s way leads to “we’re number two” for the US. The other way leads to the US keeping its position as top dog around the world. That is the frank bomb I think we need to hear.

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