Mother Earth Force: Wherein the Creator Realizes He Missed Something Obvious

Traditional Ninja contacted the Ninja league from the Kingston Jail where himself, Nuclear Submarine and Eagle were being held for their past crimes. The Ninja League managed to arrange it so that the three of them were moved to one big cell.

Under this cell, years ago, previous inmates had dug a tunnel to the outside. The league informed the three that these earlier inmates had indeed escaped but had been caught a week later. They were transferred and the warden promised there would be no more escapes. So he sealed the tunnel at both ends.

But the warden liked to save money. So instead of filling the whole tunnel with earth and tamping it down, he just sealed in air. The concrete seals were just a couple inches thick. It was thus, only a matter of smuggling in proper equipment. The three ninjas managed to work through the concrete seals, quietly, in only a couple weeks.

Free at last, they worked on deciding what was their downfall. Sure it was the Mother Earth Force but did that group have any weaknesses? So they discussed their encounters.

Modern Ninja was the biggest thorn in their side. So they got the Ninja League to get footage of their encounters with her. But in the footage, where the three ninjas had seen Modern Ninja from different perspectives, there was no Modern Ninja. Not only was she invisible to her intended target, but she was invisible from all cameras it seemed.

Eventually the three ninjas sat down in their new lair and decided that the recordings had all been tampered with and they couldn’t zero in on her weaknesses any further. Still they discussed their situation and what it was that someone had gone to such great lengths to hide.

Finally Eagle mentioned something about his experience with Modern Ninja that let in a smidgen of light. “You know, both times before I was attacked by her, I got an impression of darkening before I was struck by her.”

“No kidding?”asked Nuclear submarine. “Me too. But I can’t quite place my finger on exactly what it was. Maybe she becomes a shadow instead of a person?!

Traditional Ninja stood up with all the excitement of these memory fragments. “I know! She’s invisible from a point but she still leaves a shadow!”

“That’s what they were trying to hide in all the recordings. If we play our cards right, the three of us should be able to beat Modern Ninja and Tail.

They were excited to be viable again. So they planned and ingested drugs that only a true ninja can tolerate. After, they had a plan they could execute in the Big Smoke.

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