Traditional Ninjas Again

“I think too many bad guys know the key to face off against Mother Earth Force. That’s to do it when there is a fire. That way Near Absolute Hero can’t attend,” said Modern Ninja as they raced to the Big Smoke’s premiere art gallery.

Tail said, “It might be our three ninjas again. Those three and Flame Tosser are the only criminals who seem to be in the know.”

Meanwhile Mother Earth was driving the car faster and more safely than any human could do it.

“Ooh it might be those three traditional ninjas. Prisons weren’t built to hold ninjas for too long.”

The sirens they had been hearing coming from another direction had stopped. Still their car drove wildly for another minute then slowed down as the lights of the police lit everything up in the area. They were a block from the art gallery and intended to stay there.

“That’s at least two directions they didn’t come from. Ours and the police’s,” said Mother Earth.

“And likely the police came from more than one direction. Perhaps you can look it up through various cameras in the vicinity.”

“Already on it,” stated Mother Earth. “I am also copying the art gallery’s cameras for the last half hour.”

“So we wait,” sighed Tail.

“Not too long,” said Mother Earth. It only took five seconds before she continued. “Out of 7 roads coming to the gallery, the police arrived from 3 directions and we came from a fourth direction. Likely the thieves disappeared in one of the other three roads. We’ll check those out but first we must find what the thieves look like.”

“We don’t know it was thieves, yet,” said Modern Ninja.

“Harumph!” shot back Mother Earth. “Breaking in to an art gallery? Of course it was.”

Modern Ninja wanted to say ‘assuming makes an ass out of u and me’ but Mother Earth already knew that little phrase and was busy speeding the work of the night along. So Modern Ninja just folded her arms across her chest. It was only another 5 second wait.

“Look on the center dash screen.” said Mother Earth.

Three dark figures got out of an SUV, then gathered on the art gallery side and suddenly they were awash in light. After being blinded for a few seconds the camera automatically changed its sensitivity and they could see three mining helmets, each with the light pointing perpendicular to each side of an equilateral triangle. This way the light was pointing in all directions. You’d need good luck to sneak up on them.

“Do you think it is our three ninjas?” asked Modern Ninja.

“Yes. But they seem to be throwing the ninja invisibility thing so far down in the trash that it comes out in Australia.” replied Tail.

The three bright ninjas entered the building at the old entrance where the older Kreighoffs were displayed. They each grabbed 2 of these each, then fled to their SUV. They were gone before the police even arrived.

The SUV went down the tiniest feeder street for a couple blocks and then was off camera. The SUV never came on camera again.

Mother Earth sighed, “We’re never going to catch them tonight. They stuffed the loot into another car and got away. But I tipped the police off to the rough location of the SUV. Maybe they left prints or other clues.”

And with that, Mother Earth Force was done for the night.

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