Nevada Teachers Should Wear Body Cameras

A group in Nevada has suggested that teachers wear body cameras so they won’t “push politics” on their unsuspecting audience. This is a thinly veiled attempt to ban critical race theory from being taught in the classroom.

I say, fine, go right ahead. As long as the teachers have the same rights as cops with regards to their body cameras. Which could mean at any critical juncture, the body camera might be turned off. And teachers need to be able to turn body cameras off because they might go to the bathroom at anytime.

Also, big brother, or simply a half decent hacker, would now be able to watch your unsuspecting kids at any juncture. Yes it’s true. Nevada kids are more precious than those elsewhere in the country. Why not show them off?

The police in my jurisdiction heard the call to defund the police that we’ve gotten used to hearing over the last year or two. Their solution was to put in place a system of body cameras. So we are now funding the police much better than we have ever funded them.

Police are still responsible for wellness checks. They still bring in those on mental health forms. They still do everything exactly the same except they might use body cameras. Which just goes to show you that the police don’t understand the meaning of basic words. Like defund. So how can we believe their reports? Just a fun question to leave you with.

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