Blanket Statements

Blankets help me sleep. I bet they help the vast majority of us with sleep. I can especially tell in the summer, when my bedroom is too warm to wear a blanket during attempted sleep. I have a much harder time sleeping without a blanket and in the heat.

An electric blanket heats up evenly to help you sleep in the cooler months. This helps people with their sleep, especially if they are sick.

But I’m sick of living with the tyranny of the electric blanket. Electric shouldn’t always mean heat. I suspect some smart cookie is going to figure a way for an electric blanket to cool you as you sleep. This would be a great invention for the summer months. I wouldn’t mind cooling under a blanket in the summer months. I bet my sleep would improve.

The other thing that makes a blanket good for your sleep is the weight of it on your body. Even the slight weight of a thin bed sheet in the right time of year, aids in helping me sleep. Of course, on winter’s coldest night, two comforters on top of each other help me sleep even more. The added weight could easily be responsible.

So they sell weighted blankets to help with sleep. They actually are supposed to help with stress and anxiety, but that helps sleep, too. I was interested in seeing that they weigh between 5 and 30 pounds. Or basically from the weight of a small cat to the weight of a mid size dog. I was actually surprised to see them be as much as 30 pounds, but if it works, I will allow it.

One problem with the weighted blanket is that they are hot to lie under. Again, smart cookie, make a cooling blanket and this all can be alleviated.

Anyhow too much weight is bad for sleeping. Imagine if you had a 200 pound blanket on top of you. You would have to lie on your side, I imagine, so you could breathe easier. Then again you can have so much weight (many tons) that you can sleep very quickly and deeply and for untold eons or until they finally bury you.

Some weeks ago I saw an article in my newsfeed that the trust in media is at an all time low. I simply don’t buy it.

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